Winter Is Coming

by Winter Wolves

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Winter Wolves' debut EP entitled 'Winter Is Coming' is a 5-track CD containing songs which came from our hearts and minds. Musically, we put everything we could think of at the time into this. Lyrically, Robbie wrote from experience, while borrowing a quote or two (see 'Sith Have No Fear')


released April 28, 2013

We'd like to thank our family and friends for supporting us from the start, people who danced along to us at shows, and Anthony Douvlos at OFF Chop! Studios for putting up with us and recording the whole thing! Finally, thanks to Matt, Blake and Joel for featuring on the EP. We're so grateful and honoured to have them on it.



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Winter Wolves Sydney, Australia

Winter Wolves are a 5-piece Metal band, hailing from Sydney, Australia.

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Track Name: Senõr Chuggalot ft. Matt Vella
Remember when we used to be a happy family?
There were no fights, tiffs or screaming.
But now we've grown apart and you're always angry.
You take your rage out on me and you push me away.

But you don't see what you're doing to me,
I'm sure you're not blind so just open your eyes.
I'm not a punching bag, nor am I a dirty rag,
Don't wipe your sins on to me.

Now I'm grown up I can talk back,
I can finally defend myself.
You get so shocked when I speak up for myself.
Just know that your actions will create your own hell.

But you don't see what you're doing to me,
I'm sure you're not blind so just open your eyes.
I'm not a punching bag, nor am I a dirty rag,
Don't wipe your sins on to me.

Never before have I felt such a pain in my heart, and it's all your fault.
Track Name: Sith Have No Fear ft. Blake Curby
"Choose someone as a successor and you will be succeeded.
Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured.
Choose someone quicker and you won't dodge the blade at your back.
Choose someone with more patience and you won't block the blade at your throat.

Choose someone more devious and you'll hold the blade that kills you.
Choose someone more clever and you'll never know your end.
Despite these cautions, an apprentice is essential.
A Master without an apprentice is a Master of nothing."
- Count Dooku

I'm not anything like you
So don't put me on your level
You wouldn't last a minute in my shoes
I wouldn't want to take a step in yours.
You are a hypocrite
And I despise your everything
I put it all on the line for you
And you just threw it away

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me!"
- Sith Code
Track Name: Liver, Die! ft. Joel Mctaggart
How could we have come so far,
And have nothing to show for it?
Our hopes, our dreams, our memories,
Are lost in the wind. Are lost in the wind.

Let me ask you, what are your aspirations?
Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Will you be ruling your life like I am mine?
Will you take control and leave the past behind?

So I'll break your bones and not your heart.
I'll leave you alone in the dark.
Among the living and among the dead -
Where lies your heart? And where lies your head?
Do you have what it takes to see your dreams through?

You've got to live for something or else you'll die for nothing.
Track Name: Curses
I'll paint all these pictures and write all these words
I'll plant the seeds and reap what I sow
This is my life and my life alone
And I won't be taken as another clone

When the sun has faded and the sky's alight
I'll see the stars within your eyes

I will show you, just wait and see
I'll be the best man that I can be
And when my time is up
I'd have accomplished enough
To ensure my place in history

Put your arms around me, hold me close so I don't fall
Because although I won't admit it, I need you more than you'll ever know

I wish I was as strong as you thought me to be
I wish I could set an example for you
I might now be now and I might not be tomorrow
But I will be someday, I promise you

For now I'm cursed to be alone,
Although I'm crowded, this house is not a home.
Sitting in the corner contemplating life and death,
I wonder when will it be my turn?
And when it comes, will have I overcome
The obstacles in my path, the obstacles in my path